David A. Day and Beth Prussia Day

We would like to share a few pictures, some info, our interests, etc, with a special welcome to those of you who somehow happen to bumble here like Alice down a computer hole, but out of extreme uncontrollable curiosity choose to stay and find out just what a guy who "beats up rocks for a living" and his lapidary artist, retired dangerous goods specialist wife might have up their internet sleeves.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This Alabaster carving of a mother and child walking a dog recently found a new home. I include this here to offset the apparent preoccupation with cats this blog has implied.  I have actually made very few works of art using animals.  Beth and I are far better known for doing variations of hearts, and I primarily do figurative pieces.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Elvira our Ocicat helping Beth cut gemstones.

Beth using her Pixie Lapidary machine.

Free-Form Cabochons

Here is a sampling of some of Beth's free-form cabochons still attached to the dop sticks she uses to hold  stones while she grinds and polishes them on a series diamond wheels. Included are examples of Agates, Amathest,  Jaspers, Jade, and Chrysophrase.